अख्तियार दुरूपयोग अनुसन्धान आयोग

Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority

भ्रष्‍टाचार विरुद्धको सहकार्य: सुशासनका लागि अपरिहार्य

Commissioners Dr. Savitree Thapa Gurung



माननीय आयुक्त डा. सावित्री थापा गुरुङ

अख्तियार दुरूपयोग अनुसन्धान आयोग

Present Address        187 Chandan Marga, Ghattekulo -32, Kathmandu, Nepal,

Birthplace                  Phulbari-8, Chitawan, Nepal

Permanent Address  Chinamakhu-4, Bhojpur, Nepal

Date of Birth              5 April 1960

Marital Status            Married

Academic Qualification

  • PhD on: Political Science,  Center for Political Studies, School of Social Science, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 110067, INDIA, 2012,

  • M.A. in Public Policy, Murdoch University, Perth, WA, AUSTRALIA, January 2003,

  • Bachelor of Law, Tribhuvan University, NEPAL1999,

  • P.G.D. Post Graduate Diploma in Population a Sustainable Development, University of Botswana. BOTSWANA1998,

  • Summer Course in International Development Studies, International Summer School, University of Oslo, NORWAY1988,

  • B.Ed. in Educational Administration, Tribhuvan University, NEPAL1984,

  • M. A. in Political Science, Tribhuvan University, NEPAL1983.

Work Experiences

  1. Associate Professor (from October 2009 to 2015) and Lecturer (from July 1990 to October 2009)Department of Political Science, Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus, Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal,

  2. Worked as a member in ‘State Restructuring Recommendation High-Level Commission’ from November 2011 to January 2012, Government of Nepal. Its main responsibility was to recommend about federating the country, this high-level commission was a constitutional commission which had been created according the Article 138 ‘2’ of Interim Constitution 2007.

Other Work Experiences (Selected)

  • Worked as a part-time consultant in (UNDP/DFID) on  ‘manifesto analysis of major political parties’ (December 013/February 2014) and  ‘consensus and contentious issues in dissolved constituent assembly’ (October 2012-November 2013),

  • Worked as part-time member/consultant (DFID) on three members evaluation team to evaluate ‘Janajati Empowerment Project’ from 16th Sept to 29th December 2008,

  • Part-time consultant in National Planning Commission/DFID to develop ‘Social Inclusion’ chapter for three-year interim plan, throughout March/June 2007,

  • Research Associate, Evaluation of the User's Point of View of Natural Family Planning Programme in Dolkha and Kathmandu, Conducted by Family Planning Association of Nepal and Integrated Hill Dev. Programme/Swiss Development Cooperation, June and July 1990,

  • Research Associate, Research Center for Economic Development and Administration (CEDA), Tribhuvan University, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal, Feb.1983 July 1984.

Selected Publications

Research Articles (Nepali)

  • Sambidhan Sarokar: Sahamati ra Asahamatika MuddaharuChintan, Year 16, No 1, Chaitra 2070.

  • Nirbachan Paddati: Uthaune Bisaya ra dhyan nadieko Prakritik Shrotko bisayaHamro Sampada, Year 13, No. 10, Magh 2070.

  • Mahila Adhikar Praptima Mangala Devi Singko Yogdan: ek Samikchhya, UNMESH’, No. 14, Magh 2070 (Jan-Feb, 2014).  

  • Nirbachan Pranali tatha Mahila Pratinidhittoko SunischitataHamro Sampada, Year 12, No. 9, Magh 2069.

Other Research Articles (in English)

  • Equitable Justice in Education, Voyage a Journal from English Department, RRL campus, TU. 2014

  • Small Technology: What is its Relevance for Developing Countries? Hamro Sampada, Year 13, No. 11, Chaitra 2070/2013

  • Higher Education and Social Justice in Nepal’, SASC, UOR, vol.48, no1, January- June, 2013.

  • Mr. Lee Kuan Yew view's on' Democracy’ Unmesh.  January 2008.Gender Discrimination in Nepal, Itihas Prabaha, Journal, Vol II, Year II, March 2007.      

  • India's Response to the Bhutanese Refugee Issue: An Analysis, Public Administration Journal, Vol XXII & XXIII December 2004/ July 2005.

  • Nepalese Concern on Bhutanese Refugees: A Study of Local Level Impact, Sahabhagita, The Journal of Local Self- Governance and Development, Vol 6-7; No. 1-2, November 2004, Local Development Training Academy.

  • General Trends of India's Foreign Policy: An Analysis, Humanities and Social Sciences Journal, Vol. III, No.3, 2004.

  • The Origin of Bhutanese Refugees Issue: An Analysis, Public Administration Journal, Vol XXI & XXII December 2003/ July 2004. 

  • Is Small Still Beautiful for Developing Countries, Bikas:  A Journal of Development, National Planning Commission, Vol 24, March 2004.

  • The Middle Class: as a force for Democracy in Asia, Nepali Journal of Contemporary Studies, Vol. III.  No.  2, September 2003.

  • Critical evaluation of Multinationals Corporations: on its ruling aptitude, Humanities and Social Sciences Journal, Vol. II, No.2, July 2003.

  • A comparative Study of Health Policy in Singapore and Nepal, Public Administration Journal, Vol XVIII & XVIV December 2002/ July 2003.


  • UGC Scholarship      2007

  • AusAID Scholarship 2000

  • UNFPA Scholarship 1997

  • NORAD Fellowship 1988

Visited Countries

       Norway, Sweden, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand, China, Bangladesh, Botswana, Australia, India, United Kingdom and Pakistan